Clark County Apartment/Multi-family Services

Please contact us for recycling rates. Garbage rates are listed by area, just click on your area.
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Clark County Garbage Guidelines-Multifamily Complex Services (Click Here)

Vancouver Garbage Guidelines-Multifamily Complex Services (Click Here)

Washougal Garbage Guidelines-Multifamily Complex Services (Click Here)

Recycling Overview:

Recycling and garbage are picked up on a weekly basis. If you have more than 5 units and centralized recycle bin collection you are considered a multi-family account and pay for recycling on a per unit basis. You will be provided with 96-gallon carts, marked with color-coded labels for easy recognition.

Recycling Support & Amenities:

Email for recycling assessment, site visits, educational materials and extra signs and/or cart decals.

Yard Debris Overview:

Yard Debris Service is available on a voluntary basis to single family residences, multifamily complexes and commercial businesses. Yard Debris carts are roll type carts which may contain leaves, weeds, prunings, grass clippings, brush and woody material up to four inches in diameter and under five feet in length. Yard debris may be picked up every other week or on an on-call basis.

For recycling information, see:

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